10 Must do’s for a Successful Business Year

Happy New Year!!! Can you believe another year has passed. Time is flying us by and I want to make sure we are making the best use of our time for our businesses. So I have 10 Must do’s for a successful business Year. These are things I had to implement in order to see success. I want to share them with you as well. It is really easy to become distracted from our goals or our purpose. In order to see continual success we not only have to remain focus but implement the things below:


Our personal life directly correlate with our business life. If we are not happy in life or in personal relationships, that can affect the success of our business. There are some things and people we need to let go of. We need to let go of relationships that are no longer beneficial.


Life is hard enough. Please do not be so harsh on yourself for the pass things you have done or have not done.  Or the people or things you had to let go. Moving on is necessary for your growth. There will be things and people you will no longer be able to hold on to and it will be difficult. However,  being hard on yourself will not make it easier.


Believing in things I had yet to accomplish took my business to another level. I was believing for many things. We make goals for our business but sometimes we forget to actually believe that we will hit the goals we set for ourselves. It is not enough to have a goal. You have to have a plan. During the plan with each step you need to believe that your end goal is possible and will come to pass.


One thing I wasn’t doing was living. I was working, working and working. Live through the process. Live through the process of building your business. For me, I get so stuck in planning and building sometimes I forget to relax or have fun, even on business travel. When traveling for business I make sure I have a casual moment. A moment to relax.


I have a huge desire to love. That is not normal for me. I came from a past of rejection. So I shielded myself from love. I had to deal with the rejection head on and now I have a desire to have healthy relationship. It is very important to have healthy business relationships as well.


Remember to always be grateful for where you are now. When you show gratitude to your current circumstances you can continue to move forward in new circumstances. Do not curse your progress.


I know we are in business for a profit. We also have to remember we work for our clients or customers. So ultimately, we are serving the needs of our audience. Start to look at your business from a perspective of giving and serving. It makes the business a lot easier.


We have to be innovative. We have to continue to create content, material and products that our customers or potential customers will benefit from. This year at minimum I plan on releasing something every quarter. I know people who release things every month.


I believe productivity and creativity go hand and hand. To create, we have to make sure we are productive. Lets make sure we are not just busy but we are busy producing.


Lastly, execute. We have to implement what we create. 2017 is the year of following through.

I hope this list is a reminder for you to implement or continue implementing focus in your business for the new year.

As a bonus for reading this, click the link below for 15 must know Business Essential for Entrepreneurs.




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